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Whether your shopping experience was good or bad, we want to hear what you have to say. This feedback will help businesses improve their products and services while earning you some awesome rewards from some of Australia’s leading retailers.

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Share your feedback with organisations using our simple and easy to use app.

Earn Rewards

The more feedback you give, the more rewards you can earn.

Quick and Easy!

Giving feedback with Beezy is quick. Really quick! Don’t waste your minutes filling in long and boring surveys for nothing.

Capture Feedback

Capture feedback easily from your customer using Beezy’s simplified surveys.

Understand Your Customers

Use feedback to drive improvements in your business and fix problematic areas of your business.

Cultivate Positive Experiences

Create positive customer experiences using the insights from feedback. Make your customers feel valued by showing you care.

Beezy Makes Giving
Feedback Easy!

You can now share feedback with all Australian businesses in one app. No more paper forms, bye-bye SMS and farewell to web-surveys. Time is precious and that’s why our surveys are simple, quick and convenient. Join the growing number of Australians who are being rewarded for sharing their feedback.


The number of unhappy
customers that actually
complain. The rest don’t say
anything. They also don’t come


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About Us

Beezy began as an idea when the founders vented to each other about the poor customer experiences they kept finding themselves stuck in. Rather than endlessly complaining to one another, the two sat down and, after months of brainstorming, developed an idea about how to change the way businesses capture customer feedback, react to it and improve their customer experience. “We want to make sure that customers have a voice and that businesses can hear them. Beezy is unique because it’s so simple for people to share feedback and get something back for it. It really does provide value to both sides of the retail equation.”

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